The revised example is not entirely what I had in mind (more on that in a 
minute) but as written now is mostly OK by me. I do have a question as to 
whether the public discussion as mentioned must take place before the actual 
transfer? In other words, will Mozilla require that whatever entity is trying 
to purchase the root must be fully admitted into the root program before the 
transfer takes place?

Also, let me state that I did not intend to besmirch the names of either HARICA 
or WoSign and I appreciate their indulging my use of their names in what turned 
out to be a sloppy illustration. Based on my review of HARICA's CPS some months 
ago, I was left with the impression of them as a tightly-focused ‎organization 
that, by all appearances, is well-run. And that was the image I had mind and 
had hoped to convey in using their name. By mentioning WoSign I was really 
thinking of only the state of their reputation at the moment--and I think it's 
fair to say it's been tarnished? The reasons for WoSign being in the position 
they are in were totally irrelevant to what I had in mind.

So what was my point? In essence, I wanted to suggest that not every company 
seeking to purchase a root from another company will necessarily have good 
intentions and even if they do, their intentions might not be in the interest 
of the public good. I think it's important to at least acknowledge that 
possibility and try to have policies in place that encourage the good and limit 
the bad.

I don't know if people are on board with this notion or if some hypothetical 
scenarios are needed at this point? For now I'll just pause and let others 
either ask or comment away.

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On 31/03/17 17:39, Peter Bowen wrote:
>>> For example, how frequently should roots
>>> be allowed to change hands? What would Mozilla's response be if
>>> GalaxyTrust (an operator not in the program)
>>> were to say that they are acquiring the HARICA root?
>> From the above URL: "In addition, if the receiving company is new to the
>> Mozilla root program, there must also be a public discussion regarding
>> their admittance to the root program."
>> Without completing the necessary steps, GalaxyTrust would not be admitted to
>> the root program.
> I've modified the quoted text a little to try to make this example
> clearer, as I think the prior example conflated multiple things and
> used language that did not help clarify the situation.
> Is the revised example accurate?

The revised example is accurate.


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