I must be missing something still? The implication here is that a purchaser who 
is not yet part of the root program is permitted to take possession of the root 
cert private key and possibly the physical space, key personnel, networking 
infrastructure, revocation systems, and responsibility for subordinates without 
having first demonstrated any competence at ‎running a CA organization.

I think we need to beef up this section of the policy but if you'd prefer to 
discuss that at a later time (separate from the Google acquisition thread), 
that will work for me.

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On 31/03/17 20:26, Peter Kurrasch wrote:
> The revised example is not entirely what I had in mind (more on that
> in a minute) but as written now is mostly OK by me. I do have a
> question as to whether the public discussion as mentioned must take
> place before the actual transfer? In other words, will Mozilla
> require that whatever entity is trying to purchase the root must be
> fully admitted into the root program before the transfer takes
> place?

No. As currently worded, it has to take place before issuance is permitted.

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