On 31/03/17 17:39, Peter Bowen wrote:
>>> For example, how frequently should roots
>>> be allowed to change hands? What would Mozilla's response be if
>>> GalaxyTrust (an operator not in the program)
>>> were to say that they are acquiring the HARICA root?
>> From the above URL: "In addition, if the receiving company is new to the
>> Mozilla root program, there must also be a public discussion regarding
>> their admittance to the root program."
>> Without completing the necessary steps, GalaxyTrust would not be admitted to
>> the root program.
> I've modified the quoted text a little to try to make this example
> clearer, as I think the prior example conflated multiple things and
> used language that did not help clarify the situation.
> Is the revised example accurate?

The revised example is accurate.


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