On 17/08/2010 10:43, Steffen Boersig wrote:
> As you can see, the <text:soft-page-break/> is at a different location. 
> A similar change happened once with table definitions. Those changes 
> have no effect in the GUI but are difficult to handle with automated 
> compare routines. Is there anyway to stop those "anomalies"?
> Or do you have a better idea how to compare documents to check for 
> changes in API-functionality?

the writer layout is triggered by a timer, so if you create a document via
the API then the layout may or may not be finished.
the main consequence of this is the different position of soft-page-break
elements, but it may also affect frame positions.

here in Hamburg we use a tool called "convwatch" that compares documents
by printing them and then comparing the postscript files graphically.
this tool is apparently in the ooo repository in the module "testgraphical".

> Regards,
> Steffen


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