Steffen Boersig wrote:
> Hi,
> Michael Stahl schrieb:
>> here in Hamburg we use a tool called "convwatch" that compares documents
>> by printing them and then comparing the postscript files graphically.
>> this tool is apparently in the ooo repository in the module
>> "testgraphical".
> Sounds intresting and would suit my need propably.
> I tried to get ConvWatch according to the installation instructions from
> first,
> but up until now I couldn't get it running. The installable package
> from  qadevOOo throws errors and I'm aswell not able to obtain the
> suggested OOoRunnerLight.jar.
> Since I couldn't verify myself if the installation guide is outdated or
> not (to me it seems like that) I tried to build it all from source.
> After some extensive mailing with our technical support I got most of
> the dependencies fixed and did start to build OOo from sources to obtain
> the testing environment and eventuall OOoRunnerLight.jar which is needed
> in the ConvWatch guide.
> As guessed I ran into troubles there ;). Since I'm not able to build the
> modules seperatly without running into serious dependency issues I tried
> a build --all and got the error message
> (masked personal info with ***)
> ..
> Entering /*/***/***/***/working_OOO/sal/util
> testshl ../ sce/uno_sal.sce -msg -skip
> dmake:  Error executing 'testshl': No such file or directory
> dmake:  Error code -1, while making 'runtest_uno_sal'
> 1 module(s):
>        sal
> need(s) to be rebuilt
> Reason(s):
> Attention: if you fix the errors in above module(s) you may prolongue
> your the build issuing command:
>        build --all:sal
> Google was not my friend on this one :/ . Couldn't find any similar
> problems, maybe you guys do know that problem.
> Further info:
> Debian 4.0
> 64-Bit
> Configured with: ./configure --disable-mozilla --without-junit
> --disable-odk --disable-gtk --disable-odk --disable-gstreamer
> --with-jdk-home=/usr/s3/x86_64_linux/jdk1.6 --with-use-shell=bash
> No Warning issued (After installing gcc 4.5 from source since Debian
> etch is just able to deliver gcc 4.1.2 or sth like that)
> Any idea on this one? Or am I'm completely wrong with this approach for
> getting ConvWatch to work?

Hi Steffen,

as Stephan Bergmann already mentioned, there exists a real new module
testgraphical, which is not completely ready yet, but at least usable.

Build the module 'qadevOOo' there you will find the 'OOoRunnerLight.jar'.
And the Convwatch documentation is outdated, sorry.


You need some other software to work with this graphical compare.
I've create a checker for this so just do the follows.

# cd testgraphical/prechecks
# dmake verbose=1 SHOW=1

- Ghostscript is need
- Imagemagick is need
- Java 6 is need

Now start a connectable office, you don't know how?

# cd ../source
# dmake

This should hopefully fail with a java.lang.NullPointerException. But 2
lines before the error stack trace it told you, how to run a connectable

Start your office with the given parameters but keep in mind, ';' has to
be escaped like '\;' on unix.

Now run dmake again.
# dmake

The connectable office should open a document, and after a short the
test should be done. Problems? I hope not.

Due to the fact I would like to test also if fails are right. Start
again with
# dmake failtest SHOW=1

The connectable office should open a document with the current time,
close it and after a short time a new java window with 3 picture views
should open, which shows the currently loaded document on the left. In
the middle you see a reference and on the right you see the difference
too the left and the middle. This 'failtest' is just for demonstration.

How can you use it for your own:

The documents came from 'demo' pool:
testgraphical/document-pool/<POOL>    (here <POOL>:=demo)

You can copy your test documents to testgraphical/document-pool/demo or
create a new own <POOL>. (Limitations: Subdirs in <POOL> are not
supported yet!)

The reference document result(!) (how it should look like) (pdf or
postscript) came from:

Here you have to copy your pdf export of your test documents with a
office which you made as your 'reference'.

IMPORTANT: Due to font differences there exists sub directories for
unxlngi (linux x86), windows (wntmsci), Solaris Intel (unxsoli).

If you use the 'demo' pool, you could use 'dmake demo' for test runs. If
you like the extra java helper with 3 views you have to start with
'dmake demo SHOW=1'.

* If you use your own pool, just create a new line in the
like the 'demo:' line.
* Use pdf export.

Please report problems.

This tool should also work within windows and solaris intel, but as I
mentioned before, not completely ready yet.


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