On 08/27/10 14:09, Steffen Boersig wrote:
Stephan Bergmann schrieb:
(Sorry, should have read your mail more carefully.) What version of
the OOo code base are you using?
Should be the most current one. I followed the instructions from

hg pull http://hg.services.openoffice.org/DEV300 hg update

I tried milestone 'DEV300_m86' , m63 and some random milestones, as well
as 'tip'. Most of the time it was 'sal' wich didn't build though.

What would explain it is if you happen to have set an environment variable named TESTDIR. Then, inadvertently, apparently legacy-but-unremoved code at <http://hg.services.openoffice.org/DEV300/file/87f4911ea629/solenv/inc/tg_shl.mk#l571> would kick in. (Just filed <http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=114145> "remove TESTDIR support from solenv/inc/tg_shl.mk".)


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