ahgittin commented on a change in pull request #164: auto-set a name for the 
app in quick-launch, and
URL: https://github.com/apache/brooklyn-ui/pull/164#discussion_r366798650

 File path: ui-modules/home/app/views/main/deploy/deploy.controller.js
 @@ -80,9 +79,17 @@ export function deployStateController($scope, $state, 
$stateParams, $uibModal, b
     function modalController($scope, $location, entitySpec, locations) {
         $scope.app = entitySpec;
-        $scope.locations = locations;
-        // can optionally add: { noEditButton: true, noComposerButton: true }, 
or pass in URL
-        $scope.args = angular.extend({}, $location.search());
+        $scope.locations = filterCatalogQuickLaunch(locations, (t) => {
+                $scope.usingCatalogQuickLaunchTags = t.length > 0;
+            });
+        // also supports { noEditButton: true, noComposerButton: true }
+        // see quick-launch.js for more info
+        $scope.args = angular.extend({
+                noCreateLocationLink: $scope.usingCatalogQuickLaunchTags
 Review comment:
   the thinking is:
   +Additionally if any locations have that tag, the "Create Location" option 
is suppressed,
   +as it is assumed the Quick Launch is being used in a curated environment 
where that option is not meant for end-users.
   +(This can be changed through config options in the code, for users who wish 
to produce their own UI.)
   which i've added in 
 (just now).  also changed the var name to make it a little clearer -- 
`usingLocationCatalogQuickLaunchTags`.  (ie to be clear, this only applies if a 
_location_ is tagged, not if apps are tagged.)

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