Hi Dale,

thanks for the summary … highly appreciated ;-)

- I’ll add the console app to my highest priority todo.
- I already started completely re-writing the DEVELOMENT.md
- I’ll take care of Nexus, Jenkins as soon as the PR is merged or at least the 
branch is moved to the core Edgent repo (no longer my fork)
- Java 7 should no longer be a requirement (It’s now optional and only needed 
if the “toolchains” Maven profile is enabled)
- Will re-install Eclipse on my new Mac and see what I can do about the errors
- The maven-release-plugin has a built in dry-run option so we could do such a 
check immediately. If I simply branch off my branch again and change the remote 
maven repo address to my private Artifactory instance, I could even to a full 
release without any issues. We could do that in form of a video conference, if 
you like … then I could demonstrate everything super-easy.


Am 09.08.17, 21:46 schrieb "Dale LaBossiere" <dlab...@apache.org>:

    Hi Chris/team,
    Since I’m going to be on vacation for the next two weeks I wanted to send 
out an update, etc.
    I’ve committed a lot of things to the PR over the last couple of days and 
I've updated the wiki so hopefully the TODOs are accurate/complete 
    To restate, IMO we’re working towards getting the PR in a good enough state 
so that we can merge it and then pretty quickly work on making a real release 
(if for no other reason as a forcing function since after the merge the old 
build tooling is broken).
    A couple of higher priority TODOs that come to mind:
    - Item 15.h getting the Edgent console working 
    - Item 12.d DEVELOPMENT.md
    - Item 10.c setup Nexus for receiving Edgent jars?
    - Item 18 build requires Java7
    - Item 8 Errors importing info Eclipse
    - How much of a dry run of a release can be done before merging the PR - in 
order to really assess the state of things?
       Can we get as far as creating and actually staging fake-RC source 
bundles and jars… that can then be evaluated?
    As another near-term sanity/progress check it would be great if another 
contributor/user could clone your repo 
<https://github.com/chrisdutz/incubator-edgent>) and then:
    - git checkout feature/maven
    - follow the info in the README in the top of the repo (not README.md) to 
build the Edgent SDK and then build and run some samples and report how it went.
    It would then be double great if someone could start working on an new 
version of Getting Started 
<https://edgent.apache.org/docs/edgent-getting-started>) appropriate for the 
new environment :-) … retaining the current version as is.
    — Dale

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