On 10/13/16, 8:26 AM, "Harbs" <harbs.li...@gmail.com> wrote:

>We tried restarting FB multiple times. It didn’t help.
>Copying the SWCs did not help either. It still took the JS from the
>original location.

Ah yes, the generated-sources folder of JS files has priority so folks can
monkey patch.  Delete the generated-sources folder from your SDK folder
unless you have a monkey-patch.  When did you last pull a nightly build?
The nightly should no longer have a generated-sources folder (I just
checked and it doesn't), and then just updating SWCs should do the trick.

>Is there some trick to make the compiler use the JS files in the SWCs?
>What makes the compiler decide where to get the JS files from?
>We tried re-importing the build configurations, but that didn’t help
>Maybe we did not copy some falcon file correctly, but I think the nightly
>was a recent one.

It sounds like your nightly was the last one before we removed the
generated-sources folder.  Might just be bad luck with timing.


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