There has actually been discussion on improving the language. The suggestions 
so far have been very small, but steps nonetheless.

I would like to see improvements to the language and they will likely come, but 
I think there are bigger ticket items which need to come first. XML and E4X 
support for Javascript was one thing I personally felt very strongly about and 
we made that happen.

Async and await are probably the most significant items on your list for me 

Once things settle down a bit, I’d like to see more features start paralleling 
advancements in modern Javascript in general.

The more people we have working on things, the faster improvements will come…


On Oct 13, 2016, at 9:49 PM, Jason Taylor <> wrote:

> Additionally I'm losing interest in AS3 as it's support for concurrency, 
> generics, lambdas, expression trees, generics, conditional clauses on 
> generics, async await, etc are terrible and feels like the language itself 
> has no interest in moving forward

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