The only Eclipse plugin in reasonable state for editing FreeMarker
templates is "FreeMarker IDE", which is part of the JBoss Tools
project. See the top entry at, and also

However, RedHat has deprecated and now removed the "FreeMarker IDE"
plugin from JBoss Tools and Devstudio. See:

So I think "FreeMarker IDE" should be brought over to the ASF,
similarly as FreeMarker-Online was. Also the Eclipse update "site"
should be hosted on ASF infrastructure. I have started a discussion to
explore this possibility, and so far it seems it's fine on their side:

The code is under EPL, but of course they should "contribute" the code
the ASF where we can replace the license with ASL2, and rename the

Technically, "FreeMarker IDE" is independent of the rest of JBoss
Tools, we only had to substitute (as it's not
in the Maven Central, it's not an acceptable dependency IMO).

What do you think? Will the ASF be fine with bringing over yet another
FreeMarker related project? Do you think it's good to do?

My opinion is that the more control we have over such products, the
easier it is to ensure that they remain maintained and available to
the users.

 Daniel Dekany

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