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+1 (binding) with some questions
unit test (oracle jdk-8u161) - all pass
deploy binary (3 nodes) - ok
browse master/regionserver web - LGTM
put/delete/get/scan 500W rows - ok
create/disable/drop/put/scan/count by shell - ok

the 2.0 binary get fatter than 1.4. (384 MB -> 887MB). Seems we package
the test docs and source code to binary tar. Are all of them necessary?

No. Let me review.

Holy moly. We ship 7x more javadocs than JAR files (in terms of size on disk).

IMO, remove all but apidocs with gusto. Looking at what's contained in apidocs, I think we should also reduce that much farther (e.g. RegionServer javadoc is included?), but maybe that's another discussion.

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