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> Subject: Re: [VOTE] Retire HTrace from Incubation
> There's a distinction between the code and the community. The code can be
> there, but it certainly feels like there is no community left. If any of
> the TLPs want to try to pick it back up, I don't think anybody would stop
> them?
This is true. The Apache Attic [0] enables the current PPPMC to retire
HTrace but also enables almost ANYONE to initiate the pprocess of leaving
the Attic again. The options are

   - Forking the project - we'll link to any forks which have been created
   so please let us know
   - Restarting the community in the Apache Incubator
   - Recreating a PMC for the project

Right now however, if the mentoring members of HTrace were to entirely
disperse e.g. Jake Farrell, Todd Lipcon, Andrew Purtell, Billie Rinaldi,
Michael Stack and me, then I think that HTrace would most likely fall into
the state where it would join the group of projects whose PMC are unable to
muster 3 votes for a release, who have no active committers or are unable
to fulfill their reporting duties to the board.

The simple fact is that until this very point in time, HTrace has been
unable to demonstrably grow community. In hindsight, we should have
possibly drafted a graduation proposal after the preious release however
that is now in the past and cannot be undone.


[0] https://attic.apache.org/

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