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On Oct 13, 2017 10:51, "Jim Jagielski" <> wrote:

> Let's recall what is really happening...
> In maintainer mode, the build system sets -Werror and -Wstrict-prototypes.
> This means that functions which lack strict prototypes will "fail".
> Now note that AC_CHECK_LIB does not worry about generating
> function calls w/ prototypes, so, for example, when checking
> for luaL_newstate, it will fail *even if the function exists*!
> In fact, this is how I 1st observed the issue: mod_lua was
> no longer being included.
> The long and short is that under maintainer mode, we cannot
> expect AC_CHECK_LIB to being correct any longer, because
> the combination of -Werror and -Wstrict-prototypes means
> that any and all functions looked for/checked for using
> AC_CHECK_LIB will NOT be found, due to warnings which are
> now fatal errors during configure time, even if those
> functions DO exist.
> PS: CCing dev@apr since APR also uses AC_CHECK_LIB

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