Am 15.10.2017 um 16:25 schrieb Yann Ylavic:
On Sun, Oct 15, 2017 at 4:03 PM, Rainer Jung <> wrote:

Why is this happening now? The "-Werror" was backported last December in
r1772330, which was a backport of r1702948 from trunk (May 2015). Maybe
people haven't used maintainer mode since then?

During the backport process of r1772330, Jacob noticed that -Werror
was not working as expected (see STATUS changes in this commit). He
also made a comment on dev@ here:

Maybe -Werror is just ignored somehow, because I always compile in
maintainer mode with several gcc versions...

Thanks Yann, I actually only ran gcc with the respective flags. But indeed configure checks for each flag whether it is "working" and the program which gets compiled is:

main ()
struct tm tm; tm.tm_gmtoff;
  return 0;

So since we set -Wstrict-prototypes before, -Werror turns this into

conftest.c:45:1: error: function declaration isn't a prototype [-Werror=strict-prototypes]
 main ()

and -Werror does not get set at all.

Nevertheless I would still say that adding "-Wno-error=strict-prototypes" for any clang and gcc version that supports it would be the correct option. Then -Werror should automatically get applied again.

So something like the following (simple) patch should be an improvement for gcc and clang and also fix Jim's problem. Of course since we then would have -Werror enabled probably for the first time for gcc other new problems might show (that will currently only be observable as warnings during maintainer builds).

---        (revision 1812218)
+++        (working copy)
@@ -597,6 +597,7 @@
     if test "$GCC" = "yes"; then
APR_ADDTO(CFLAGS,[-Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -Wpointer-arith])
+      APACHE_ADD_GCC_CFLAG([-Wno-error=strict-prototypes])



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