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>> Sorry Bill, but that's not right. trunk is not a "branch" that directly
>> leads
>> to a releasable branch. Its simply not. It was not intended to
>> be. You cannot now claim that any inability, or concern, about
>> releasing a RTC "sandbox" somehow implies your conclusion.
>> It has always been so for 2.2.0 and 2.4.0. You are shifting perspective and
>>demonstrably were entirely engaged in every prior version-minor discussion.

> Because they were/are direct-to-release branches. trunk is not.

I repeat, 2.1.x which became 2.2.0 were released from trunk; once it
reached beta it was branched to 2.2.x, trunk became 2.3.x.

2.3.x which became 2.4.0 were released from trunk, until it reached
beta and was branched to 2.4.x, and trunk became 2.5.x.

Neither of the two release cycles below experienced anything like a
complete feature scope or audit of 2.1.1-alpha vs 2.0.current or
2.3.0-alpha vs 2.2.current as now proposed. 2.2.0 and 2.4.1 were
released as GA in spite of this "oversight."

Any claims that httpd trunk 2.5.x cannot be tagged as 2.5.0 for
consideration as an alpha or beta candidate by a majority vote
of the PMC must be based on a veto of specific code. That code
has lived on trunk, just as 2.1.1-alpha and 2.3.0-alpha had lived
on trunk for a very, very long time, plenty of time to raise veto
objections to the code.

Any committer (certainly any PMC member) can proceed without
unanimous consent, the project's charter and the character of
the entire foundation is that no one individual can block a release
of the next version of the software, individuals can block major
changes to the software in a veto which they justify (and we hope
they offer an agreeable compromise path to resolving the veto.).

As you are a participant in this process as demonstrated below, it's
a little hard for me to believe you aren't fully aware of the process.
Your participation in this project since it's inception suggests you
contributed to setting forth these very principals. Why you've
chosen to invent an entire set of hurdles that don't exist yet is
beyond me, without framing this as a policy change, and I'm sorry
for whatever antagonism it is costing to repeatedly explain these
documented principals to everyone, old hands and newcomers alike.

I'd much rather debate merits of newly proposed policy on the merits
of the proposed changes, rather than respond to untruths.

Ver Status Rev Origin Date Committer Commit Log
 2.1.1/ -alpha  105913 trunk 2004-11-19  jerenkrantz   The fact that I
can't roll to save my life isn't going to cause to abandon 2.1.1…
 2.1.2/ -alpha  111352 trunk 2004-12-08  jerenkrantz   Tag 2.1.2.
 2.1.3/ -alpha (*)  154972 trunk 2005-02-22  jerenkrantz   Tag 2.1.3
 2.1.4/ (nr)  157727 trunk 2005-03-16  striker   Tag 2.1.4
 2.1.5/ (nr) (*)  191099 trunk 2005-06-17  pquerna   Create the 2.1.5 Tag.
 2.1.6/ -alpha  201578 trunk 2005-06-27  pquerna   Server-Side Tags
are fun. Copy trunk to 2.1.6.
 2.1.7/ -beta  234113 branches/2.2.x 2005-09-12  pquerna   Tag 2.1.7
 2.1.8/ -beta  291487 branches/2.2.x 2005-10-01  pquerna   Tag 2.1.8
 2.1.9/ -beta  329515 branches/2.2.x 2005-11-05  pquerna   Tag 2.1.9 for release
 2.1.10/ (nr)  345696 branches/2.2.x 2005-11-19  pquerna   Tag the
2.1.10 release.
 2.2.0/ -ga  349669 branches/2.2.x 2005-12-01  pquerna   Tag 2.2.0.
 2.2.1/ (nr)  390731 branches/2.2.x 2006-04-01  pquerna   Tag httpd
2.2.1 from the 2.2.x branch.

 2.3.0/ (nr)  724095 trunk 2008-12-06  pquerna   Tag trunk as 2.3.0.
 2.3.1/ (nr)  730918 trunk 2009-01-02  pquerna   Tag 2.3.1 from trunk.
 2.3.2/ (nr)  757423 trunk 2009-03-23  pquerna   Tag 2.3.2.
 2.3.3/ (nr)  835030 trunk 2009-11-11  pquerna   create 2.3.3 release tag.
 2.3.4/ -alpha  884300 trunk 2009-12-08  pquerna   create 2.3.4 tag
 2.3.5/ -alpha  901882 trunk 2010-01-26  pquerna   tag 2.3.5
 2.3.6/ -alpha (*)  953681 trunk 2010-06-21  jim   Tag 2.3.6 alpha
 2.3.7/ (nr)  987150 trunk 2010-08-19  jim   Tag 2.3.7
 2.3.8/ -alpha (*)  988617 trunk 2010-08-24  jim   Tag httpd-2.3.8
 2.3.9/ (nr)  1038142 trunk 2010-11-23  jim   Tag trunk as 2.3.9-alpha
 2.3.10/ -alpha  1045184 trunk 2010-12-21  jim   Tagging trunk as 2.3.10 (alpha)
 2.3.11/ -beta  1075920 trunk 2011-03-07  jim   Tag trunk as 2.3.11
 2.3.12/ -beta  1101854 trunk 2011-05-23  jim   Tagging trunk as 2.3.12-beta
 2.3.13/ (nr)  1140732 trunk 2011-06-28  jim   Tag as 2.3.13
 2.3.14/ -beta  1152858 trunk 2011-08-01  jim   Tagging trunk1152854 as 2.3.14
 2.3.15/ -beta  1199517 trunk 2011-11-08  jim   Tagging trunk as 2.3.15-dev
 2.3.16/ -beta  1214788 branches/2.4.x 2011-12-15  jim   Tag 2.3.16
 2.4.0/ (nr)  1232070 branches/2.4.x 2012-01-16  jim   Tag trunk as
Apache httpd 2.4.0
 2.4.1/ -ga  1243503 branches/2.4.x 2012-02-21  jim   Tag HEAD
httpd-2.4.x as 2.4.1

(*) naming, labeling or released status disagreement with archive.apache.org

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