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Soon we have:

branches 2.4.x

Please a procedure:  *where* and *when* do we apply patches/fixes.

I hope not.

Trunk tracks new development. There is no distinction between 2.5.x and
trunk, until we vote to freeze 2.6.0 API, that is still some time off. At
that branch Trunk becomes 2.7.x (or 3.1.x). That's one, and sometime next
year the third.

2.4.x is maintenance, and backport proposals route through STATUS. That is
the second.

patches/2.4.x tracks STATUS proposals into 2.4. The very same thing we've
done since 1996, except that this gives us a predictable place to deliver
them from, as opposed to people.apache.org/~user/ URLs, github forks or
gists or other personal preferences. Its use is optional for the simplest
backports which simply apply.

As a rule 2.4 backports are RTC. Platform quirks and docs are CTR. While
trunk is CTR, major trunk/ patches should also be proposed first to dev@.
So patches/trunk can be useful in these extreme cases.

In any case that was three (counting 2.2.x), is now two, and back to three
when we are finished with 2.5.x-alpha. Hope this clarifies when and where.

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