>> Do you end up with an -L/usr/lib for the module in your CentOS example?
>> Did it happen to pick up the lib64 path? Or no lib path at all?
> /usr/src/apache/httpd-2.4.x/srclib/apr/libtool --silent --mode=link gcc 
> -std=gnu99  -pthread  -Wall -O2 -g         -o
> mod_lua.la -rpath /usr/src/apache/apache_2.4.x/modules -module -avoid-version 
>  lua_apr.lo lua_config.lo mod_lua.lo
> lua_request.lo lua_vmprep.lo lua_dbd.lo lua_passwd.lo -L/usr/lib -llua -lm 
> -lcrypt
> The line that fails for you is the same for me.
> Looking closer at your error message I guess the difference is that I have 
> only the 64 bit version of
> glibc-devel installed. Do you have the 32 bit version installed as well?

Aren't the "skipping..." messages harmless?  Other than pointing out
the suspicious paths it is probing.

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