As express by others, please don't !

IMHO, ONE language/framework is all what we need. Having a set of unrelated materials will bring nightmares and something hard, not to say impossible, to maintain/understand.

So we should keep it as-is, or switch to something new. But trying to please every-one is not the right way to go. Even if the existing framework looks hard to me, I still think that it is a good option. Others have been able to extend the base, so it is possible :)


Le 24/04/2018 à 14:50, Jim Jagielski a écrit :
One idea is that we setup, using the existing perl test framework, a sort of "catch 
all" test, where the framework simply runs all scripts from a subdir via system() 
(or whatever), and the reports success or failure. Those scripts could be written in 
anything. This would mean that people could add tests w/o knowing any Perl at all. It 
would require, however, some sort of process since those scripts themselves would need to 
be universal enough that all testers can run them.

I may give that a whirl... I have some nodejs scripts that test websockets and I may see 
how/if I can "wrap" them within the test framework.

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