On 04/02/2018 20:43, Philippe Mouawad wrote:
Following Felix feedback, I rollback my +1 vote.
[-1]   I do not support this release because:

    - I am afraid JMETER_HEAP will disturb users
    - It is not clean that we use 2 different env variables
    - Same that mirror-server is broken
    - The warnings regarding Java 9 should also be dropped or a clear
    statement should be in documentation
    - This might introduce issues:
       - https://github.com/oblac/jodd/issues/567

OK I will prepare a new RC when we are ready.
Please, continue your tests with the RC6 to try to find other blocking issue in advance for the RC7 ;)

Would it be possible for next release to reduce the 72 hours or not ?

The ASF vote page don't indicate the 72h period. It's indicate into the lazy consensus. So (I suppose) if a majority of binding vote come into a small time after the begin of vote period, it's would possible to release more quickly...



On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 8:10 PM, Milamber <milam...@apache.org> wrote:

On 03/02/2018 19:11, Felix Schumacher wrote:

Am 02.02.2018 um 16:33 schrieb Milamber:


The sixth (oups) release candidate for JMeter 4.0 (r1822967) has been
prepared, and your votes are solicited.

This release brings a new default theme (Darcula), support for Java 9,
74 enhancements (new features and improvements), and 26 bug fixes.

Please, test this release candidate (with load tests and/or functional
tests) using Java 8 or 9 on Linux/Windows/Mac OS, especially on the
changes. Feedback is very welcome within the next 72 hours.

You can read the New and Noteworthy section with some screenshots to
illustrate improvements and full list of changes at:

JMeter is a Java desktop application designed to load test functional
behavior and measure performance. The current version targets Java 8 / 9.

Download - Archives/hashes/sigs:

(dist revision r24640)

RAT report:


MD5 hashes of archives for this vote:

a497d140f1956ba65cf15930b0638333 *apache-jmeter-4.0.tgz
8b7015e303b3aac83d1a050cb3782860 *apache-jmeter-4.0.zip
b3d9cce11b04be574a47b4108a3d2bc6 *apache-jmeter-4.0_src.tgz
04dbd79c242192cdcde574e10c7c43cd *apache-jmeter-4.0_src.zip

Site Docs are here:

Maven staging repository is accessible here:


Keys are here:

To download the dependencies: "ant download_jars"

To create the jars and test JMeter: "ant package test".

JMeter 4.0 requires Java 8 or later to run.

Some known issues and incompatible changes are listed on changes page.

All feedback and vote are welcome.

[x] +1  I support this release

I found three minor bugs:

  * in bin/mirror-server.*. Those scripts are referring to log4j 2.8.2
while we have 2.10.0 in the lib path. The mirror-server will not start with
those values.

* the HEAP variables in jmeter.sh and jmeter.bat are named differently
(and are documented with their correct names), but JMeter prints out to
modify JMETER_HEAP in the batch file. We should probably name those two
variables (HEAP for batch and JMETER_HEAP for shell) the same. Apart from
this the user should not edit the shell scripts, but place those variables
into bin/setenv.* :)

  * to run  ant test I have to unset the variables LANG and LC_*.
Otherwise the tcp tests will fail as there are language dependent error
messages embedded in the csv files that get compared.

You continue with your +1 vote or you prefer apply a -1 vote (and go to a
new RC)?


[  ] +0  I am OK with this release
[  ] -0   OK, but....
[  ] -1   I do not support this release (please indicate why)

The vote will remain open for at least 72 hours.

The PMC members please indicate the mention "(binding)" with your vote.

Note: If the vote passes, the intention is to release the archive files
and rename the RC tag as the release tag.

Thanks in advance!


*Note:* the RC1, RC2 and RC3 were not submit for vote due an issue in
release process when the maven artefacts are upload to nexus. For this RC6,
the automatic maven upload inside build.xml was replaced by a
semi-automatic upload with the maven-gpg-plugin.

*Note2:* the RC5 were not submit for vote due an little commit by
Philippe :-) during the release process.

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