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Le dimanche 11 mars 2018, 20:36:15 CET Tibor Digana a écrit :
Why the column with build POM in table does not have all items green +?
ok, I should probably simply not have put this column: it is confusing.
Just ignore this column

Why there are two consumer POM's? Some is old proposal and second is yours?
thre are 2 columns for decision: the first one means it's necessary, the second
it's just a choice
perhaps keeping only one column with good emoticon choices would have avoided

Some consumer POMs may become BOM and there I would miss
an example please?

a famous example are the bom's of the Spring / Spring Boot project... these are the first which are coming into my mind...

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Karl Heinz Marbaise



On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 6:03 PM, Hervé BOUTEMY <herve.bout...@free.fr>


I wrote a Proposal in the Wiki about Build vs Consumer POM [1] and coded a
simplified model for the Consumer POM [2]
As written in the proposal, this would permit us to create new POM
that change everything but not the Consumer POM part without breaking any
compatibility with existing Central repository users: build element is the
main element that could be changed, adding new build
without affecting consumers.

In addition to reviewing choices proposed for majority of POM elements,
are 4 elements that require more discussion:
- contributors
- mailingLists
- repositories
- profiles/activation

Any thoughts?

On the code, IMHO, the only missing part is a test of flatten-maven-plugin
check that everything works as expected in any situation.
And I suppose a discussion on what we do for the xsd

Then we should be able to use this strategy for our own artifacts, before
updating POM model version in any newer Maven version starting with 3.6



[1] https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/MAVEN/

[2] http://maven.apache.org/studies/consumer-pom/maven-consumer.html

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