as a user of Maven and a researcher analyzing what's in Maven central, I
would prefer to see


in the "kept by choice" category as well. While <issueManagement> may be
more useful for end-user facing tools, in this day and age of badges
pointing to CI servers on Github, I can still see this as useful for
consuming tools (or just researchers gathering statistics ;-)

As for


I agree with removing
distributionManagement/(repositories|snapshotRepositories) from the
consumer POM, but am left wondering about
distributionManagement/downloadUrl. Alas, from the documentation [1] I
don't quite understand, what downloadUrl means:

> is the url of the repository from whence another POM may point to in order to 
> grab this POM's artifact. In the simplest terms, we told the POM how to 
> upload it (through repository/url), but from where can the public download 
> it? This element answers that question.

But <downloadElement> seems to be directed at "the public" somehow, so
it may be a candidate for the consumer POM.

Hope this helps.


[1] <http://maven.apache.org/pom.html#Distribution_Management>

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