Am 2018-03-13 um 18:23 schrieb Robert Scholte:
On Tue, 13 Mar 2018 00:13:59 +0100, Hervé BOUTEMY <> wrote:

Hi Charles,

Thanks for the feedback

Le lundi 12 mars 2018, 01:49:26 CET Charles Honton a écrit :

Great work!
Thank you: it took a lot of time and discussion :)

Some possible additions for the wiki page:

Naming Conventions
consumer pom must continue to be named pom.xml
build pom shall be called build.xml
alternate build inputs could be build.json or build.yaml
ok, makes sense, I reworked it and added to the proposal

Well, I think renaming would cause IDE issues (it's claimed for Ant projects), and this file still represents the Project Object Model, hence pom still makes sense. I expect more issues than benefits, and everywhere is documented: a Maven project requires a pom.xml

I fully agree, build.xml is already taken. Let's stick to pom.xml or at least to pom-consumer.xml.


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