I feel that online meeting may not address most of the issues get raised in
a short amount of time(1h) and still suffers the problem of not being
publically archivable.

Maybe we can not try more asynchronous way? (RFC discussion in issues.
and/or discuss @dev). Just my two cents and I am not blocking the proposal


On Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 5:34 AM Pedro Larroy <pedro.larroy.li...@gmail.com>

> Hi MXNetters
> To address the project growth and increased contributions I'm
> proposing a monthly meeting / hangout to have community discussions
> about MXNet architecture and mid / longer term technical directions
> that require coordination beyond single PRs.
> The goal of this series is to address topics including but not limited to:
>  - How to best integrate features that have a big impact on the project
>  - Discussion about long term technical direction
>  - Addressing of technical debt / refactoring needed.
>  - Other architectures / framework support. Ex. ARM, Cuda etc.
>  - Build system improvements and tooling such as code coverage, static
> analysis etc.
>  - Performance discussions.
>  - Live discussion to address exceptional PRs with complex changes
> that are better discussed live than in written form.
> I propose to make this meeting on the second Monday of the month at
> 11am PST /  20pm CET
> So the tentative date for the first one would be on January 14th.
> If you think this arbitrary date is not good, please say so. In this
> case we can proceed to make a doodle to find a slot that works for the
> interested parties.
> I have opened a group calendar for our meetings, hangouts and other
> events related to MXNet.
> https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=6co88bqo3n4bjsbt1qrqmsvj4o%40group.calendar.google.com
> Pedro.

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