Thanks for that reminder Isabel.  As a recently added mentor, I have been
struggling to understand all the interactions on MXNet.  Besides the user,
dev and private mailing lists, I am trying to watch

- Two forums at and
(although I can't read Chinese so really only 1 I guess)
- Multiple lists on slack to include,,
- Issues
- Meetups and hangouts as noted on

I love all the effort and collaboration.  So much inertia, so many amazing
things in motion.  But I am having a hard time tracking it all and I worry
about what is not making it back to the public lists.  I have often heard
something to the effect, "If it doesn't happen on the mailing list, it
doesn't happen".  To quote

"Decisions SHALL NOT be made in other mediums, like IRC or at conferences;
rather discussions from such places must be brought back to the appropriate
mailing list for all participants to discuss and decide upon."

I wonder if others have trouble tracking it all too and if so, what effect
that has on the community?  Is this something that needs to be addressed
before MXNet can graduate the incubator?

Interested in others thoughts.


On Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 1:11 PM Isabel Drost-Fromm <>

> Am 19. Januar 2019 16:35:58 MEZ schrieb Pedro Larroy <
> > We talked with Timur about graphcore accelerators, and
> >seems other people also missed the meeting
> Meetings like this always should be optional, what's more important: It
> must be possible to follow the project from subscribing to its mailing
> lists only.
> >For next meeting I will send an agenda of topics to discuss in advance.
> That seems like a good idea to motivate ppl to participate.
> What's more important though is bringing discussions back here on list so
> everyone can participate (at the very minimum, potential decisions have to
> be brought back here. It helps with building transparency, community and
> ultimately trust to also pro actively bring a brief summary of other
> discussions here).
> Isabel
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