On 11/6/2019 3:35 AM, Geertjan Wielenga wrote:

That's right. Hopefully by the end of the year the new plugin portal will
be ready. Indeed, you'll need to make your plugin available to Maven
Central and instructions are provided on the new plugin portal about how to
do that. It is indeed more work than before, on the other hand Maven
Central is the de facto place for making artefacts of various kinds
available and we're going to be leveraging it too.
I'm not questioning the technical decision re Maven Central. I have a "router plugin", probably the smallest/simplest meaningful plugin possible. Having never used Maven I'm guessing that, for me, it's a big effort for such a little thing. (I haven't used NB/java for almost 5 years, and only occasional jVi maintenance before that.)

I've pinged the admins of the Plugin Portal at plugins.netbeans.org to give
you a password
  to it but, again, note that it's going to be going away --
since it leverages Oracle infrastructure and we're in transition away from
Oracle infrastructure at the moment.

Since it's trivial to install an update center manually via the Plugin Manager I'll look at putting instructions on the jVi website in case I miss the window.


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