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> > heavyweight, ...(but)... the open source nature ... of Electron make it
> potentially an attractive option for mixed Java/HTML applications
> I was looking at an example project using Vaadin running inside Electron
recently.  Have you tried this approach with HTML/Java?

> We - the NetBeans (incubating) project - have such technology, it is
> HTML/Java API. It has been intentionally designed to support mixed
> Java/HTML applications. We are the community of the project! But instead of
> improving what we have and making it work for our NetBeans IDE purposes
> (which is certainly simpler than trying to use Electron designed for
> something different; more on that later), we are looking at other project
> and admiring their "open source nature"!
> Am I really doing so poor job that people aren't willing to dedicate 10
> minutes of their personal time to try HTML/Java API in action?

No, you aren't!  I'm potentially doing a poor job of explaining why that
example might be interesting though.  As far as I'm concerned, web view in
JavaFX is not a viable option.  Toni mentioned JxBrowser, which is
unfortunately proprietary, and when this last came up we talked a bit about
JavaCEF, but I seem to remember some issues with that?

All the node side of that Vaadin Electron example is doing is handling
distribution, launching of the Chromium renderer, and launching the JVM as
a child process.  Now, don't get me started at how overkill it is to do
that! ;-)

I am really interested in our HTML/Java API, but we seem to be lacking a
viable, stable and open option for people to distribute fully HTML UI Java
applications?  We're missing an Electron-like framework based around the
HTML/Java API and the JVM.

I'm more talking about people building stuff with NetBeans there, rather
than necessarily the IDE itself.

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