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> > ...which I why I also suggested taking it to the Apache
> > Foundation as a global issue. All Apache projects could benefit from
> > such. No reason to limit to just Netbeans...  
> I don't think the ASF can ever get involved in paying bounties for
> development. It goes against our very strong "fierce independence from
> companies and organizations" principle,

ASF already has financial sponsors, this is really no different. By the
ASF controlling any funds and paying out bounties. You ensure your
independence. If companies pay bounties in areas they see fit outside
of the ASF. Then you lose that independence IMHO.

ASF ultimately would control any payouts. If a funding company wanted
to see A developed and provided funds for it, but ASF decided
otherwise. That is the entire point of money flowing through ASF rather
than outside.

>  and might be problematic with our 501(c)3 status as well.

It has not been a problem for FreeBSD, who is a 501c3. I am in awe of
their foundation in all honesty. I had hopes of the Gentoo Foundation
have similar organization and impact.

I highly recommend taking a look at the FreeBSD foundations activities.
I think it is a model for others to replicate in ways. It is working,
it is growing over time. Their fund raising has increased substantially
from past years, like 300k in 2008 or something.

> That being said, the best place to discuss such things ASF-wide is the
> dev@community.a.o list, https://community.apache.org/

I may join that if you feel others would be receptive to such ideas. I
am not trying to push anything on anyone. I am already seen as a
noise/trouble maker in places. But I am happy to join and partake in a
discussion on such.

It is off topic for this list, just came up here. Also does kinda
relate to Netbeans, as it is going from having a leader Oracle to ASF.
Not sure if the project will be lead the same, etc.

Anyway no more here on this off topic :)

William L. Thomson Jr.

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