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> That's a very 'global' view, William.
> The whole idea though is to improve the project in some areas I find
> of need. Because I don't have the time or desire to do that myself.

Sure I understand, and agree with your idea.

> I don't believe my tiny bounty will change the course of the whole
> project.

It likely would not. But it could encourage others to offer bounties
and it could snowball from there. It is  a good idea after all. Thus it
likely would grow and spread.

> Also, it's not about security, it's normal user stuff, mostly UI
> related.

My concerns were never security related. Just conflicting directions
that lead to debates, forks, loss of contributors and general issues for
the project resulting from different directions.

> Ubuntu had a cool project: 100 paper cuts. "Papercuts are trivial to
> fix, but annoying bugs." So, I'm thinking along the same lines: stuff
> that doesn't take lot of time to fix, but that would really help the
> workflow.

Sure I agree, and like you see with Ubuntu and others, the idea being a
good one is spreading :)

> I see there's really no way to handle this. I'll just try something
> at some point and see how it goes.

I surely was not trying to shoot down your idea, discourage, make
difficult, or pee in your cornflakes....

I just had the idea before for like monthly news articles, and such.
I feel it is an idea that can benefit many projects in many small ways.
Leading to big things. Thousands of paper cuts :)

I think the future will see FOSS moving to funded models for
development via small bounties and the like. You see that now in a
manner with GSoC, and other stuff like FreeBSD Foundation activities.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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