Yes, extract out the FDS.

As for a release schedule, I don't think there would need to be one. We
would put out new releases as needed for new features or components. These
releases would be totally independent of NiFi or NiFi Registry. The
intention with this project is to follow semantic versioning and avoid
making breaking changes so using this library in NiFi or the NiFi Registry
would be as simple as updating the version number in the package.json and
rebuilding the application.

As for validation of releases I have a couple of ideas. I envisioned this
code base would follow a RTC paradigm and the initial release of this FDS
NgModule would include unit test coverage of all the existing
features/components/utils. Any new features/components/utils would require
adequate test coverage before being merged to NiFi FDS master. We could
also provide a demo application that users can build and deploy locally to
allow for human verification or even e2e testing...

I took the liberty of standing up a repo to give everyone a better idea of
what we are all talking about.

Since no server or backend is required to run these UI/UX components I also
stood a demo of this as a page here:


On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 10:03 AM, Joe Witt <> wrote:

> Scott
> Ok so extract out the fluid design work you started with NiFi Registry
> to its own codebase which can be rev'd and published to NPM making it
> easier to consume/reuse across NiFi projects and offers better
> consistency.  This sounds interesting.
> In thinking through the additional community effort or the effort
> trade-off:
> How often do you anticipate we'd be doing releases (and thus
> validation/voting) for this?
> How often would those differ from when we'd want to do a NiFi or NiFi
> Registry release?
> How do you envision the community would be able to help vet/validate
> releases of these modules?
> Thanks
> Joe
> On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 8:18 AM, Scott Aslan <>
> wrote:
> > NiFi Community,
> >
> > I'd like to initiate a discussion around creating a sub-project of NiFi
> to
> > encompass the Fluid Design System NgModule created during the development
> > of the NiFi Registry. A possible name for this sub-project is simply
> > "NiFi Fluid
> > Design System". The idea would be to create a sub-project that
> distributes
> > an atomic set of high quality, reuse-able, theme-able, and testable UI/UX
> > components, fonts, and other JS modules for use across the various web
> > applications throughout the NiFi universe (uNiFiverse???). Both NiFi and
> > NiFi Registry web applications would eventually leverage this module via
> > npm. This approach will enable us to provide our users with a consistent
> > experience across web applications. Creating a sub-project would also
> allow
> > the FDS code to evolve independently of NiFi/NiFi registry and be
> released
> > on it's own timeline. In addition, it would make tracking issues/work
> much
> > clearer through a separate JIRA.
> >
> > Please discuss and provide and thoughts or feedback.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Scotty

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