Kay Schenk wrote:
This is a very nice offer, Dennis

Thanks Dennis, indeed.

What was on these popular "pins" that have been used n the past? Just the
gull logo or ??? It looks like we could get some 1" circle pins very
inexpensively if this is the case.

You can see one of those pins at https://flic.kr/p/dsxSbi bottom right. So yes, they had just the orb. We also had pins with a different, tailor-cut, shape and the full logo.

I would be happy to cover the cost of  these and have them shipped
to ASF headquarters in time for transport to OSCON.

Production costs are not a problem, since the project can allocate budget as discussed several times here.

They wouldn't "say" anything with just our current flat logo, but
they would be good I think.

Stickers are an option too, if you prefer... or we can make both! The only difficult thing is that we need someone to take care of taking specifications and adapting our logo to it. And also to actually supervise production and shipping.


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