Good morning,

Since we're talking about a compressed timeline, perhaps you want to consider 
placing the orders through the vendors I use in the US?

I order stickers from:  Sticker Mule,  Custom Sticker Printing - Sticker Mule.  
They are very professional and provide a very quick turnaround time.

 Custom Sticker Printing - Sticker Mule
Sticker Mule prints custom stickers, die cut stickers and laptop skins. Prices 
start at $49 for 50. Free shipping.  
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Pins I get from:  Wacky Buttons,  Make Buttons | Pin Buttons | Custom Buttons | 
Badge Pins | Pinback Buttons.  They are very professional and provide a very 
quick turnaround time as well.

   Make Buttons | Pin Buttons | Custom Buttons | Badge Pin...
We sell pinback button badges and specialize in making custom buttons. Create 
your own buttons online, Let us design them for free, or choose from our lar... 
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Wherever you order from, you can use my address to ship the items to:  

Melissa Warnkin
79 Bickel Road
Washington, NJ 07882

The items will be compact enough that I can even put them in my luggage, if I 
had to!!

Regarding the roll-up banner:  No, I do not have room at the booth for that.  
I've even eliminated sending the ASF vertical rollup due to lack of space.

I'll have room for leaflets since they're folded like this:  - A4 leaflets, in 
color (suitable b/w too) 11-flyers
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Just keep me advised on what's going on!!


 From: Kay Schenk <>
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On Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 3:22 PM, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:

Kay Schenk wrote:
>This is a very nice offer, Dennis
Thanks Dennis, indeed.
>What was on these popular "pins" that have been used n the past? Just the
>>gull logo or ??? It looks like we could get some 1" circle pins very
>>inexpensively if this is the case.
You can see one of those pins at bottom right. So yes, 
they had just the orb. We also had pins with a different, tailor-cut, shape and 
the full logo.

ah! OK -- this is basically what I was thinking.


>I would be happy to cover the cost of  these and have them shipped
>>to ASF headquarters in time for transport to OSCON.
Production costs are not a problem, since the project can allocate budget as 
discussed several times here.
>They wouldn't "say" anything with just our current flat logo, but
>>they would be good I think.
Stickers are an option too, if you prefer... or we can make both! The only 
difficult thing is that we need someone to take care of taking specifications 
and adapting our logo to it. And also to actually supervise production and 
>  Andrea.

OK -- I thought since we have an svg of the logo, this would be pretty 
easy...I'll look at some order sites again.  Hopefully, this will be fairly 
easy to deal with.  

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