On 30/06/2014 Kay Schenk wrote:
200 buttons were ordered and Melissa has received them and will be
taking them on to OSCON.

It's very good to finally have some merchandising items updated.

Here is the link to the WackyButtons "product" if anyone wants to reuse
this 1" design --

Looks good, and an easy task (for someone on the marketing list?) would be to add "Apache OpenOffice" externally, so that we have both the logo and name in the circle.

Melissa took a picture, in gull formation, of some of the buttons which
I'd like to upload somewhere along with this ordering information, but I
need some guidance from the marketing folks on location.

Please upload it somewhere. We have https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Art/Resources and http://www.openoffice.org/marketing/art/index.html ; both are very outdated, but we must start somewhere...

Thanks to all who helped make this little project for OSCON a reality.

Thank you for taking care of this. Remember that we can allocate a budget from the events budget to reimburse you, just give details here for lazy consensus.


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