Greetings, dear AOO community.

Please note first that this message is not supposed to be flaimbait or
trolling of any kind.
I've never been involved in any way with either OO or LO.
I'm also not trying to criticize anyone.
I'm asking this question out of general curiosity ( and the greater good of
the OSS community).

I'm not too familiar with the history of Open/LibreOffice, but I understand
there were several issues there regarding development process and grief
with Oracle, that led to the fork.

When Oracle gave over OO to Apache, I was surprised not to see an effort to
merge the two projects again, since, in my view, maintaining and developing
two forks of such a large scale and hugely beneficial project can only
result in a lot of wasted effort in developer and other community
contributor time (maintaining home pages, documentation, releases, ....).

Regardless of why or how,
when it comes to development, it's clear that LO has won. Hands down.
LO gets more commits in one or two days than AOO had since the beginning of
the year.
Apparently, all devs have moved over and AOO development is dead.
Unless there is a lot of work happening not commited to the repo, which
would be weird.

OpenOffice still has a smoother name, as well as a good  discoverability
with search engines, books and training materials, etc. Which is probably
why a lot of people still use and download it.

But would it not be time to call it a day and officially just merge with
Libre office and retire AOO, only providing critical security patches goind

What are your views on this?
Are there any reasons why this is not feasible?

Again, this probably sounds like an attack, but it really is not meant to
Hoping for some informative responses.

With Regards,

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