I think your question is valid.

The situation of Free Officesuites is worrying; not only for Apache
OpenOffice, but also for LibreOffice.

Apache OpenOffice has crossed a deep valley, but it goes slowly upwards
now from a very low level.

I don't want to talk about the situation at LO, but my impression is,
that it looks better, than it really is.

So a good and fair collaboration between the two projects would be wise.

But it isn't possible, as long as one party claims, that the other party
has to declare to be dead.

A reunion of the two projects is also not possible yet.

One reason is the deep disappointment people feel.

But there are also some more objective reasons, for example different
release philosophies, different opinions about the transference of
rights to the entity of the project etc.

One more reason is, that some people are votaries of licences with
copyleft and others of licences without any copyleft.

So the question is valid, but the answer is: Not yet.

Kind regards

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