Hi all,
    From what I can tell, the 2 groups can (and are?) borrowing from each 
other. I prefer its free and open concept. However, seeing some other recent 
emails and some concerns of my own, I think we can make it easier for new 
developers by doing the following:
  1.. Copying all source code into a zip file, to get all the code just copy 
that one file. 
  2.. Make a zip file containing descriptions of all source code. It also needs 
overview modules how certain modules work together. 
  3.. Make a zip file containing instructions how to do complies, put 
everything together, check out modules, etc. 
  4.. For Open Office Site, add module that lets people check out/in modules 
and tell others what they are working on. Of course, there has to be a 
companion transactions that allows people to see what is going on. There also 
needs some kind of security to keep people from trashing the site.
If it were me, I’d break down the code into independent modules. For Writer, 
that may mean don’t load the math, table, picture (frame), etc. module until 
there is a need for it.


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