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> Hi all,
>     From what I can tell, the 2 groups can (and are?) borrowing from
> each other. I prefer its free and open concept. However, seeing some
> other recent emails and some concerns of my own, I think we can make it
> easier for new developers by doing the following:

I am not aware of much being borrowed from LibreOffice for Apache OpenOffice, 
but perhaps I am not paying attention.  I do know that the security teams 
cooperate because that is of mutual interest for the safety of all our users.  
A principle under which the Apache Software Foundation projects operate is that 
work from other projects must be willingly contributed by someone with the 
authority to do so.  It is not OK for AOO developers and other contributors to 
AOO to simply go out and harvest material from other projects, even were the 
other licenses compatible for use in an ASF Project.

>   1.. Copying all source code into a zip file, to get all the code just
> copy that one file.

The complete source code of any release is always available in a variety of 
archive formats.  To find source for Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2, go to
And click on the right sidebar link "Alternative download link (source)" under 
"Additional Resources".

>   2.. Make a zip file containing descriptions of all source code. It
> also needs overview modules how certain modules work together.
>   3.. Make a zip file containing instructions how to do complies, put
> everything together, check out modules, etc.

Currently, documentation is distributed across two wikis and a web site.  
Although there are ways to create zip files of web pages, the current efforts 
use tools, services, and organizations that are not easily captured in sets of 
static web pages.  However, there is a great opportunity for volunteers to work 
on slowly building-out and also finding ways to capture/export improved 
documentation at all levels.

>   4.. For Open Office Site, add module that lets people check out/in
> modules and tell others what they are working on. Of course, there has
> to be a companion transactions that allows people to see what is going
> on. There also needs some kind of security to keep people from trashing
> the site.

This is related to how Apache OpenOffice contribution governance is handled.  
This is done by Subversion and it permits check-out at the levels you suggest.  
However, the means of contributing source code is in accordance with Apache 
Software Foundation requirements for operation of projects.  Project governance 
is covered in materials on the <http://apache.org> pages.  All operations 
against the code base are recoverable.

> If it were me, I’d break down the code into independent modules. For
> Writer, that may mean don’t load the math, table, picture (frame), etc.
> module until there is a need for it.

Dynamically-loaded shared libraries are used throughout OpenOffice, although 
there might be more that could be done architecturally.  That is something to 
look into but don't expect serious refactoring in any kind of short time span, 
if ever.

> Howard

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