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OpenOffice is unusable on Linux, you can't easily install it and once installed you don't know how to fire it up; it is not in the path, it is not in the menus, and you have to provide this on your own, if it even works.
Not at all. I use xubuntu since several years and it's rather easy to
get rid of the remnants of LibO automatically installed and then
install from the deb packages.
The desktop integration works very fine.

Well having to remove LO is one issue to begin with.

That means they have you locked out to begin with (mostly because /usr/bin/soffice conflicts).

Desktop integration used to fail for me some time in the past (in KDE) now it works, sorry, did not know that. Previously (not long ago) I installed the desktop integration package and could not see it in the menu, even after having uninstalled LO.

Mark Shuttleworth once said on an interview how to his opinion the LibreOffice devs (that would then split off) made the Oracle employees' lives hell. Even though Ubuntu has taken on LibreOffice after a while, he was no fan at all of what happened.
I still don't unnderstand what happened there and why he did not
support AOO instead. I may have missed some political argument at the
time of the split.

Perhaps it was not his own call, I don't know. He may have done so for political reasons (if it was him doing so) that relate to LO having had already a bigger foothold and it was easier or more politically correct from a FOSS point of view to go with LO.

I doubt many technical issues were at the core of the choice (but I wasn't there either).

It seems it must have been pressure from the "FOSS" community in that sense. Ubuntu I believe regularly packages older versions of programs and then just supplies patches to them (with them) for its own distro. E.g. Grub2, the version Ubuntu uses is from januari of 2014 or a little earlier. A present day Ubuntu 16.04 version uses a grub version that old ;-).

But I don't know, I just content myself with knowing that Ubuntu's choice does not bely Shuttleworth's opinions, but Shuttleworth's opinions may bely Canonical's choice.

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