On Aug 3, 2016 10:00 AM, "Christoph Reg" <r...@theduke.at> wrote:
> Regardless of why or how,
> when it comes to development, it's clear that LO has won. Hands down.
> LO gets more commits in one or two days than AOO had since the
> beginning of the year.

The second part of the claim is probably true, but the first part of the claim is totally irrelevant, in the sense that this is not really a competition. I don't think anyone of us here in AOO has any desire to "beat" another opensource project and at least I don't
really make money from OpenOffice.

> Are there any reasons why [merging AOO and LO] is not feasible?

That's something I have personally never considered. What would
"merging" mean? from the rest of the posting, I guess that would
mean closing the Apache project (we can't assign the name "Apache OpenOffice" to something we don't develop) and conceding the
good will to LibreOffice.

They are evidently still finding value from our patches ... in fact,
I have been spammed by member of the Document Foundation, which I
thought knew better, about my "contributions", so I guess stopping
my development would hurt them in some way.

I personally don't find their development methodology or their community attractive. I have never used LO, but if their project
has advanced so much, why would the need us to shut down?


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