>> Greetings, dear AOO community.
>> Please note first that this message is not supposed to be flaimbait or
>> trolling of any kind.
>It is. Have a nice day.

Well it is not! I am Solaris user and sometime ago I tried to compile 
OpenOffice, when
in fact it should compile on Solaris out-of-the-box... I asked the core 
to drop support for SunStudio since it assumes one compiles with a version that
shipped with Solaris 9 (the current version of Solaris is 11 and Solaris 9 was 
eoled a
few years ago...) and it does not compile even with recent versions of 
And when I managed to compile everything, I had noticed that OpenOffice could
not open docx and othe zipped document formats. The people of LibreOffice
asked me to incorporate my patches to their source tree (I had of course no
objection). Now LibreOffice compiles just fine under Solaris and there are 
for all variants of Solaris including the Open version. In a nutshell, some 
listen and care about any user while some others just don't give a dime...



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