Le 03/09/2016 à 18:47, Xen a écrit :
OpenOffice is unusable on Linux, you can't easily install it and once installed 
you don't know how to fire it up; it is not in the path, it is not in the 
menus, and you have to provide this on your own, if it even works.
Not at all. I use xubuntu since several years and it's rather easy to get rid 
of the remnants of LibO automatically installed and then install from the deb 
The desktop integration works very fine.

Mark Shuttleworth once said on an interview how to his opinion the LibreOffice 
devs (that would then split off) made the Oracle employees' lives hell. Even 
though Ubuntu has taken on LibreOffice after a while, he was no fan at all of 
what happened.
I still don't unnderstand what happened there and why he did not support AOO 
instead. I may have missed some political argument at the time of the split.


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