Patricia Shanahan wrote:
1. My current policy for release blocker is to grant it immediately if
it seems obvious to me that a fix is needed to build 4.1.3. I will also
do so based on prior security@ discussion. Otherwise, I'll ask for input
on dev@ before deciding.

OK. 4.1.4 is a good fallback solution for important but not critical bugs anyway.

2. I would like to get a list of environments in which 4.1.3 has been
successfully built. I'll announce time to build a release candidate when
it builds in the required environments.

I've built AOO413 on Linux-64 with the following details:
- CentOS 5 VM as described in
- Source revision r1761818
- Real source revision r1761381 (both are obtained using "svn info"; the latter is the one that matters, as the former increases for any commit in any ASF project) - Build scripts as per

Sample builds (English, German, Italian) from a few hours ago -but not from my latest build- are at

There are a few differences in the configure options, namely:

1) Build Version is a bit richer in but I went for the more compact one from the 4.1.2 scripts

2) Language list is much longer in the 4.1.2 scripts and I maintained that one - even though I usually build with fewer languages

3) Package format does not have "installed" in the 4.1.2 scripts, which looks OK (we only ship RPM+DEB)

4) We were using ant 1.7.1 (from the repositories?) for 4.1.2 builds, see ; we download and use 1.9.7 now; I haven't checked this properly yet, but we had a recent discussion with Kay saying that configure (which checks for ant >= 1.7.0) was wrong.

5) We are now explicitly passing --without-stlport which looks good since (if I recall correctly) this was the default anyway.

6) We are now passing --without-junit ; I'm still not completely clear if this makes any difference in our case.


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