Andrea Pescetti wrote:
Sample builds (English, German, Italian) from a few hours ago -but not
from my latest build- are at

Latest builds for all languages are now uploading (I'll do it in small batches, not as a whole) to
This is the full Linux-64 (DEBs, RPMs, language packs) stack. I'm uploading it just as a performance test. Server performance was much better than the one I remembered for 4.1.2, then it dropped for a while but it's still better than it used to be. Of course is not meant for hosting dev builds, but SVN ("dist") would be worse since it's useless to store 15 GBytes of data per day in SVN, knowing that no RC will come out of it.

There are a few differences in the configure options, namely: ...
4) We were using ant 1.7.1 (from the repositories?) for 4.1.2 builds,
; we download and use 1.9.7 now; I haven't checked this properly yet,
but we had a recent discussion with Kay saying that configure (which
checks for ant >= 1.7.0) was wrong.

I confirm there is an "ant17" package in the official CentOS 5 repositories (added in CentOS 5.9). It provides ant 1.7.1. I haven't tried building with it. If it works, this would allow us to avoid any manually downloaded dependencies and the CentOS 5 recipe would be completely clean.

5) We are now explicitly passing --without-stlport which looks good
since (if I recall correctly) this was the default anyway.

Confirmed. I've checked the configure script and indeed --with-stlport is no longer supported. So --without-stlport is the default (and actually the only possible option).

6) We are now passing --without-junit ; I'm still not completely clear
if this makes any difference in our case.

It does make a difference at build time, and in 4.1.2 we had JUnit 4: ; though, it may well be possible that this only affect build-time tests and it does not affect the final build. In this case, we can do without JUnit 4 (which is not provided by any CentOS packages).


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