Hi Chuck

I'm a simple user so the code base and license are completely irrelevant to me. What IS relevant is the way the software works. So, please, can you
tell me half a dozen things that LO can do that OO cannot do?

There are in fact a few useful features in LO that AOO does not have:

1) Opening/saving remote files from several sources (OwnCloud, WebDAV, Google Drive, etc)

2) Opening recent MS XML documents (quite a few show better results in LO than AOO)

3) Saving in MS XML format. This is useful for exchanging documents with those who can't or won't use LO or AOO, although it's true that saving in this format is the wrong way to push ODF (and document freedom) forward

4) Using fast data filters in Calc (just check/uncheck items instead of using the not-so-friendly Standard Filter)

5) Use a full window width horizontal scroll bar in Calc (this is unique in LO) instead of a scroll bar limited to the space to the left of the sheet tabs

It's nearly half a dozen but are the ones I find really important on my day-to-day work...


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