I'm a simple user so the code base and license are completely irrelevant to
me.  What IS relevant is the way the software works.  So, please, can you
tell me half a dozen things that LO can do that OO cannot do?

I recently was given a 30,000 row excel sheet to read into a database so
that I could use it with a Java front end.  LO choked (version on
Linux), OO (version 4.1.2 on same machine) opened it perfectly and gave me
a progress bar to indicate it was working.

In my experience the LO writer user interface sucks -- badly.
In my experience the LO calc interface has become almost as annoying as the
MS Excel interface.  And now, I hear, they are going to add that stupid
"ribon" thingy to be even more annoying and counter-productive.

So code quantity or quality aside, what can LO do for me as a common user?
The Google "trend" you point to seems to indicate that people in Brazil and
Arabia can't figure out how to use LO....says nothing about OO as far as I
can tell except that OO is easier to use since the rest of the world isn't
asking as many questions about it.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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> I wrote something that is not true?
> About the trends:

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