+1 :-D

I will pick maybe some of the stuff up.

On 13.01.2017 21:38, Chuck Davis wrote:
Toki, I'm very glad to hear SOMEBODY has imagination!  :)

It seems we've had quite a number of people coming here lately (like a
professor someplace is sending them to get involved in open source) to
state they want to get involved.  I hope they and their professors are
taking notes from your material!  You have some very good ideas.

Thanks for being specific.

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 12:08 PM, toki <toki.kant...@gmail.com> wrote:

On 01/13/2017 03:15 PM, Chuck Davis wrote:

but I fail to see it in my use cases.
As far as word processing is concerned, one can make a case that since
either WordStar 3.3 or WordPerfect 5.1, the proffered functionality is
overkill for more than 90% of the user base.

As far as spreadsheets go, a case can be made that for anything that
requires more sophistication than than Lotus 1 2 3 version 4.0, it would
be more appropriate to use R & SQLite.

and start rolling out really useful features
For Write, as a starting point, incorporate the features, functionality,
and capabilities, of both WordStar 3.3 & WordPerfect 5.1, that are not
currently present in AOo.

For Base:
Step One: Include SQLite;
Step Two: Provide a UI that non-database specialists understand well
enough, to be able to intuitively create forms and do searches;
Step Three: Purpose-specific addons. Templates which include Forms,
macros, etc, that makes such obvious and easy for all to utilize. By way
of example:
* Project Management;
* Genealogy Records;
* Cookbook, including nutritional data;
* Contact Management;

For Calc:
Step One: Include R as part of the core install;
Step Two: Purpose-specific addons. Templates which include macros, etc,
that makes utilization obvious and easy for all. By way of example:
* Financial Spread Betting;
* Investment Analysis;
* Earthquake Prediction;


Something that sort of surprises me, is that AOo hasn't worked with SVN,
to have "Save to SVN" as a standard feature. (The extension that
provided this functionality is completely broken for LibO, and appears
to be broken for AOo 4.1.3.)

"Save to SVN" might look arcane, and not useful to anybody. As a
practical matter, it offers much better change control, and greater roll
back functionality, than anything currently offered for any office suite
--- if it does everything in the background, with minimal
user-configuration and no end-user integration required.


Project Management is the most visible hole in FLOSS office suites. In
theory, a set of extensions and templates could provide this functionality.

A second hole is the ability to wrap spreadsheets, documents, images,
etc into a single package. IOW, the functionality offered by Microsoft
Office Binder.

I don't have enough imagination to know what those might be.
For the most part, you're looking at specific use-cases.

As one example, "Print to Moon". (Explaining this requires an off-topic

Built-in speech recognition would be a second example.

Self-voicing functionality would be a third example.


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