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> Hi Chuck
> I'm a simple user so the code base and license are completely irrelevant to
>> me.  What IS relevant is the way the software works.  So, please, can you
>> tell me half a dozen things that LO can do that OO cannot do?
> There are in fact a few useful features in LO that AOO does not have:
> 1) Opening/saving remote files from several sources (OwnCloud, WebDAV,
> Google Drive, etc)
Not exactly. File access is provided by the UCB component ("universal
content broker", in main/ucb), and remote files can be opened/saved in AOO
too. It's just that LO has an extra user interface for these files and we
don't. You can open documents from "http://..."; and other URLs from our
normal file dialog instead, by entering the URL in place of the filename.
We support http and derivatives like https and WebDav, ftp, file, package
(ie. zip), several native ones like GVFS and GIO on Gnome, and a few others.


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