> From: Nagy Ákos [mailto:a...@romkat.ro] 

> it is impossible, because the LO license is LGPL+MPL, that can't be
> merged in OpenOffice.
> The single way is that OpenOffice can merge in LibreOffice, 
> more exactly
> the OpenOffice.org is redirected to LibreOffice.org, because 
> the OO code
> is outdated compared with LO code.
> The LibreOffice brand now is more popular than OpenOffice

No. You spread only bad propaganda.

Do you really think we are so stupid not to remember that you have changed your
address from nagy.a...@libreoffice.ro (on 26.09.2016 on this list here) to
a...@romkat.ro (today)?

What you try here is typical FUD.


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