You can specify a toolchain even in MSVC2017 to use such that the compiled exe still works on Windows XP; I do this for my own work as I see no reason to arbitrarily disbar its use on older systems - it's up to each user to decide whether to upgrade or not.


On 08/02/2018 06:35, Mechtilde wrote:

I would guess it.

If someone still have a Win-XP system can test if it also works on Win
XP. But Win XP is end of live for a long time.

User can use 4.1.5 as long as they use Win XP.

Kind regards

Am 08.02.2018 um 00:58 schrieb Pedro Lino:

Thats the points I am aware of. Are there more Windows specific points?

Does upgrade from MSVC2008 mean dropping support for Win XP? The recently 
released LO 6.0 32bit requires at least Windows 7...

Stuart Swales

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