Hi Matthias

>         > > That would be a great evolution for AOO (LO has finally added 
> that feature in version 6).
> > 
> >     >     AFAIK that feature didn't make it into 6.0:
>     https://fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/ode_automatic_updater/

I read this version would include it but didn't confirm (I have switched to 
OpenOffice mostly) But it will eventually be added in 6.x

I believe partial updates are a major benefit for all users, especially those 
who have limited/expensive access to the Internet. Providing fixes/updates at a 
low cost is a critical contribution for breaking down the digital divide.

In addition automatic partial updates are better for inexperienced users since 
they only require a one time full install (usually performed by a friend/family 
who is more computer savvy)


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